Dust Control System Questionnaire (For Material Handling Plant)
Dust Suppression System Questionnaire
Process Filtration and Flue Gas Filtration System Questionnaire

*Tel No:
Fax No:
Contact person
*Tel No:
Fax No:
Area(s) for which System(s) desired:
Relevant drawings in plan/ elevation, showing handling plant Also proposed location(s) of Dust collectors & fans:
Type of Dust Collector(s):
Type of Material handled:
Temperature of Materials handled:
Size of Materials handled:
Details of handling equipment:
Belt conveyor
Capacity (TPH):
Belt width (mm):
Belt Speed (m/sec):
Height of Fall (m):
Capacity (TPH):
Size of inlet opening (mm x mm):
Deck Size (m x m):
Bucket elevators
Casing cross section (mm x mm):
Height (m):
Bin, Hopper, Bunker Silo
Capacity (Ton/Cum):
Belt width of feeding conveyor (mm):
Speed of feeding Conveyor (m/sec):
Total area of opening on bin or hopper, Silo and bunker:
Other Details
Dust generating points to be identified:
Non-simultaneous operations for such points, if any, to be informed:
If opening provided for any equipment e.g. crusher, for such purpose, size of the opening:
Please attach Flow Diagram/Scheme:

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