Keld Ellentoft India Private Limited, located in Chennai manufactures Non Metallic Expansion Joints since 1987 and is well known in Process Industries as the market leader for quality of product and service.

Non Metallic Expansion Joints, manufactured from a combination of temperature / chemical resistant Technical Textiles, are custom built and are used in process flue gas duct lines to absorb thermal movements, to handle misalignments as well as to isolate vibrations.

The technology comes from its ten-year technical collaboration with Keld Ellentoft A/S of Denmark and continuous internal R & D coupled with field experience.

Bringing over a dozen years of experience in the manufacture of expansion joints and supply to all major core sector engineering plants, has to its credit an extensive reference list for every application - the company continues to enjoy its technological leadership in the development, design and engineering of expansion joints.

Harley Nirafon India Private Limited, an Indo-Finnish joint venture located in Kolkata, manufactures Acoustic Cleaning Systems since 1996 and has pioneered the introduction and implementation of this technology in the Indian marketplace.

Acoustic Cleaning Systems create and use sound energy to remove particulate depositions and promotes material flow in process equipment, thereby reducing down time and improving plant efficiency in an extremely cost effective manner. The technology comes from its ongoing technical and financial collaboration with Nirafon Oy of Finland who have developed this path-breaking technique through their continuous R & D with the University of Helsinki, Finland.

In India, the company provides a complete and unparalleled technical solution through problem analysis, application engineering, supply, commissioning and after-sales field support for its Acoustic Cleaning Systems.

The company over the last few years has built an impressive reference list of installations in applications such as Process Boilers, Economisers, Air Preheaters, ESPs, Bag Filters, Fans, Silos and Hoppers for several customers in the Process industries.


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