F. Harley & Company Pvt. Ltd., has been engaged in the area of Dust Extraction through Filtration since 1986, the platform being created through its initial technical collaboration with M/s. General Resource Corporation, USA and Brind Envionmental, U.K.

The company has also leveraged its background in industrial textiles by starting a Filter a Bag Division in technical partnership with world-renowned Andrew Textiles, U.K. and can provide the widest range of fabrics for filter bags for specific applications.

Over the years, the company has supplied equipment and systems on a turnkey basis to numerous OEMs and End Users in the power, steel, cement and other material handling and process industries and has the approval of several consulting houses.

The company believes in the "complete filtration approach" which endeavours to offer to our customers not just the engineering hardware but the correct selection of the filtration technique, the type of filter elements to be used, the fabric selection and its finishes, backed by years of accumulated design experience of our engineering personnel along with that of our foreign partners.

This is evident from the wide range of filtration options that we offer which is unmatched by any of our competitors and is explained below.

The Evolution of Filtration
Transition from Conventional to the 'Next Generation' Units
Selection of Filtration Technique: Depth or Surface?
Fabric Finishes
Why F. Harley is best filtration Provider?

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