'Chem-jet' Dust Suppression System components/hardware provides add-on facilities for any bulk material handling plant without any major modification of the existing plant/equipment.
Compound MST when mixed with water at a ratio of 1:3750 results in a solution that has tremendous wetting, penetrating and spreading powers which effectively promotes contracting, confining and agglomeration process. No other competitor has such an effective wetting agent.
Designed for trouble free operation with easy maintenance facilities.
Various nozzle designs are available with different spray patterns to suit wide range of applications.
Proven concept having many operating installations in India and world over.
Operates automatically depending upon material flow.
Lower installation and operating cost compared to any other dust control devices.
Nominal consumption of Compound MST per tonne of material handled.
Covers wide range of application areas including profit margins.
No secondary pollution.
Reduction in dust emission level at subsequent handling stages due to carry-over effect.

We dare our competitors to match these system features
Why F. Harley is best Dust Suppression Provider?

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