Equally effective for coarse, moisture sensitive and fine materials
Ideal for areas with low water low water resources.
Designed for trouble free operation with user friendly maintenance facilities.
The hardware can be installed without major modification of the existing plant/equipment
Flow Control panels and Nozzle assemblies are assembled with plumbing free pipe fittings for easy inspection/maintenance.
Efficient nozzle design results in least compressed air consumption and thereby reduces the power consumption i.e. operating cost. No other competitor can match this.
Proven concept and have many operating installations world over.
Operates automatically depending upon material flow.
Lower installation and operating cost compared to any dust extraction system.
Replacement of any existing, ineffective dust extraction system.
Reduces loss of material and increase profit margins.
No secondary pollution.

We dare our competitors to match these system features
Why F. Harley is best Dust Suppression Provider?

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