At F. Harley, we provide solutions suggesting new installations, as well as improvising upon existing installations in the areas as under:
Dust Control
Flue Gas Filtration
Product Collection
Bag Filter Refurbishment (Capacity / Performance augmentation)
Filter Elements / Bags & Accessories

The solutions provided are based on either the customer's technical specifications, or even customized as per the customer's site conditions. For greenfield projects, close interactions are even made with consultants, consulting engineers to ensure an appropriate selection of techniques available from our range of products and services.

To understand the customer's requirement and to ensure complete satisfaction at all times, our services commence from site survey's / studies, in - house analysis and upto a comprehensive after sales program.

Our solutions, with the depth of our product range find applications in a wide variety of industries i.e. Cement, Metallurgical, Thermal Power, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Paint, Tyre, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing for achieving an objective or even more from the same solution, viz.

Reducing Emissions For A Better Environment
Reducing Product Loss
Reducing Energy Costs
Reducing Maintenance Costs & Downtime

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